Monday, October 11, 2010

This week in the world of killin’ it.

A 21-hundred gun salute for Bill Norton: William Norton, Writer Wilder Than His Movies, Is Dead at 85New York Times
The killin’ it world lost an important player this week with the passing of William Norton, a screenplay writer most famous for his 1968 masterpiece ‘The Scalphunters,’ and gun runner for only the most leftist, cocaine-fueled Central American communist revolutionary groups. Whether it was fathering children while he was still in high school and then enlisting in the army when that got a little too real and fighting in Europe during WWII or running guns in Central America for revolutionary groups on his spare time and then coming home to pen the script for another cinematic masterpiece starring Burt Reynolds, Norton always stayed on top of his killin’ it game.  And Norton didn’t stop killin’ it when he got out of the movie business, he just upgraded by moving to Europe and running guns for the IRA until he was eventually arrested by French authorities for being such a boss – he was in possession of two submachine guns, 12 rifles, 23 revolvers and more than 2,000 rounds of ammunition at the time.  Not to be deterred, Norton made it back over to the Western Hemisphere via the labyrinth of Central American communist revolutionary groups he had cultivated relations with earlier in his life and settled  himself in Managua until he killed a thief that had broken into his house at which point he decided to smuggle himself back into the States, which is just a day in the life – if you piss excellence and spend your time totally killin' it.

“I don’t think your I.Q. is low enough for you to be familiar with my work.”

In the race to fill the rather large boots left behind by the longest serving U.S. Senator as well as former KKK member and Civil War veteran, Robert Byrd, West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin is coming out swinging – not at his opponent, Republican John Raese, but fellow democrat, President Obama.  After accusing the commander in chief of being “dead wrong,” on his cap and trade climate legislation, the mountain state governor is backing up the claim with an ad that features him loading a rifle and then shooting a bullet  right through the cap and trade bill passed by the House last summer.

“I’ll take on Washington and this administration… I sued the E.P.A.”

If Manchin wins I imagine his term will be something like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington only completely different, because instead of a well meaning boy-scout troop leader, it stars a veteran killer most known for shutting down the Greenbrier for three weeks straight every time he feels like having a party.

Twitter promotes Dick Costolo to CEOSan Francisco Chronicle
Former stand-up comic and Chief Operating Officer for Twitter, Dick Costollo, will be sitting down at the captain’s seat for the micro-blogging site from now on, but what makes this move a real killer is that one year ago, when Costollo joined the company, he tweeted the following, "First full day as Twitter COO tomorrow. Task #1: undermine CEO, consolidate power." Apparently, Twitter founder Evan Williams didn’t know that’s what happens when you bring someone on board that spends their entire shore leave killin’ it at the most debauched and lascivious Shanghai massage parlors.

People that aren’t killin it.

Hopefully she was hot, but either way this guy is totally whipped and definitely not killin’ it.HopeH

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